Why us?

Because Kathy DiBiasi, designer and owner, is a gifting expert and her passion for helping givers express their heartfelt feelings through elegant and unique gifts has spanned more than 20 years. Using luxury products, elegant presentation, and personalization, she crafts extraordinary gifts that tell a meaningful story about your recipients, surprising and delighting them like never before. In business gifting, Kathy embraces the philosophy of John Ruhlin, “Gifting takes you to places that other marketing can’t.” Whether gifting personally or for business, she will make sure your radical generosity is remembered!

Because we believe that every gift should tell a meaningful story to celebrate life's occasions.

Because we stay current with the trends and collaborate with only the finest makers.

Because we craft our gifts with a keen eye for design. Our thoughtful finishing touches are as perfect as the gift itself.

Because we enhance your relationships through our gifts.

Let us tell your story..