Custom Gifts old

At Outside the Box, we believe gifting is an art.

We pride ourselves in designing stylish gifts tailored uniquely for your recipient. Our ingenuity, discerning taste and exceptional products create the extraordinary. We are dedicated to using only the most distinguished purveyors.
The final presentation is assembled artistically in a stunning keepsake tied with magnificent ribbons.
The process is effortless for you yet so gratifying
because your gift will touch the heart of your recipient.
We’re passionate about making you unforgettable.
So let’s get started with creating your special moment. 

Gift giving is an art. Let our years of experience and discerning taste along with your personal knowledge of the special recipient together create an unforgettable gift. 

Please provide a few details to help us start our custom design of your gift. For example, who is the recipient? What is the occasion? What is your price point? Tell us something your recipient loves (gourmet cook,

wine lover, gardener, favorite color, sports enthusiast, loves chocolate , super mom, voracious reader, health fanatic ……)

We will respond within 2 hours of your request and look forward to working with you!

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