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Our Boxes

Be prepared to WOW someone! Our gift boxes are unlike anything you've ever sent — or received. Meticulously selected and artistically presented, we have a gift box for every person and any occasion. We pride ourselves on selecting the finest components, and wrap it all up in a beautiful package that says, "I really care!" Choose from a range of gift boxes for just the right reason, or customize your own gift box. Just let us know what you want to say and what you want to include, and we'll put together a stunning gift box that sends just the right message. Call or email us and we'll work with you to create a memorable gift box that will bring joy to the recipient, and satisfaction to you!


About Us

At Outside the Box we pride ourselves on using the highest-quality products for our exclusive line of gift baskets. Each gift basket is customized to meet the sender's specific requirements, assembled artistically, and presented in a stylish keepsake box, basket or container. Our goal is to elicit a big "WOW!" from the recipient so that your thoughtfulness is remembered. Our gift baskets are perfect for personal gifts, as well as for corporate gift-giving.

Outside the Box is the creation of Kathy DiBiasi. She has used her extensive background in event planning and her love of design to create a unique business enterprise that puts the customer first.


Get a Gift, Give a Gift

'Tis indeed more blessed to give than to receive. At Outside the Box, we take this to heart and want to make everyone happy. So, every time you order one of our gift boxes, we'll give a gift, too, in the form of a donation to a worthy local charity such as food pantries, shelters and schools. We're also proud to donate many of our gift boxes to local fundraising events and organizations to help them to raise funds for their causes.

Want us to prepare a special gift box for your fundraising event? Just let us know! We're happy to do our part!


Featured Boxes

  • Good+Fortune+Deluxe, 0 items, $175.00
  • %26%23039%3B%26%23039%3BHouse%26%23039%3B%26%23039%3B+Warming, 0 items, $125.00
  • Feng+Shui+Housewarming+, 0 items, $100.00
  • Sweet+Indulgence, 0 items, $100.00
  • Holiday+Mangia+Bene, 0 items, $200.00
  • Celebrate+the+Season+Wine+and+Cheese+Gathering+Deluxe, 0 items, $275.00
  • As+You+Like+It%21+Gift+Boxes+or+Baskets, 0 items, $0.00
  • Abundant+Jubilation, 0 items, $200.00
  • Restorative+Mint+Spa+, 0 items, $175.00
  • Congratulations+or+Thank+You, 0 items, $75.00
  • %26%23039%3B%26%23039%3BMy+Way%26%23039%3B%26%23039%3B+Hoboken+Housewarming, 0 items, $200.00
  • Traditional+Holiday+Cheer+Deluxe, 0 items, $200.00
  • Wine+and+Cheese+Experience+, 0 items, $250.00
  • No+Place+Like+Home+Hoboken+Premium, 0 items, $175.00
  • Zenquility, 0 items, $175.00
  • Mangia+Bene, 0 items, $125.00
  • Chocolate+Sweets+and+Savories+Tower, 0 items, $125.00
  • Harmony+Deluxe, 0 items, $180.00
  • Fall+Bounty+, 0 items, $200.00